Wyndham Estate Plate Award

 In media

Wyndham Estate Plate_front

‘Dry Season Nesting II’ was part of Nina’s 2010 exhibition ‘Nesting Season’ at Darwin’s CCAE Cross Cultural Art Exchange. The plate is a limited release dinner plate first used at a Casino Lawn Dinner with Chef Nick Holloway in Spring 2011.

Inspect the complete artwork here.

My 2010 exhibition is based on my interpretation of the cycle of life, seasons, breeding and nesting.  I am inspired by the ongoing shifting changes in our natural environment. The fragilities, the rhythms, sounds, melodies, heart beats of the land and the life within it.

In my work I am trying to represent these shifting moving changes. All the layers of life that we live and watch evolve in our natural surroundings. These paintings are in honour of all the beautiful newborns, the gift of life, birds breeding and the termites building. The paintings represent the earthy layers which seasonally produce the new growth. The little eggs of life, sticks, nests, twigs and caviar. The termite world and its many tunnels. Food storage and breathing water pockets.  All the paintings are being threaded together by grids and beating life lines.

I thoroughly enjoy the unfolding flow of this body of work which I’m calling  “Nesting Season”.

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